What is OBi?

Transform the Way You Communicate with OBi

The people at Obihai are re-inventing the telephone at a personal level. "OBi" products come in the form of powerful Internet connected devices and applications configured for optimum savings and absolute convenience.

With the help of the OBiTALK web portal or an auto-provisioned service, OBi can help you start saving money and time immediately. Regardless of whether you are working, playing, or someplace in-between, OBi has the power to transform the way you communicate.

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OBi Products & Applications
Who Uses OBi? . . . Pretty Much Everyone!
  • Domestic & international people calling to anywhere.
  • Remote workers who want to be “virtually” local.
  • Callers looking to save on expensive land line or mobile rates.
  • People looking for one number as a single point of contact.
  • Those who want to extend their mobile and fixed line telephones
    beyond the service and device associated with its provider.

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