OBi Technology

Do More with Your Phone - Do More with the Internet
By using the Internet, coupled with Obihai's state-aware, intelligent, secure, managed, application network called OBiTALK and our advanced OBi VoIP endpoints & applications, OBi users can aggregate and bridge services without the need for a service provider's intervention. With the OBi, you have the freedom to control almost every aspect and cost of your analog and digital communication life.

Stay In-Touch on Your Terms, Without Breaking the Bank

Given the multitude of ways and means by which we communicate with each other using the Internet, telephones and computers for conversations, instant messaging, e-mail and social networking it is clear that the currently available carrier services artificially restrict our ability and hinder us in our desire to stay in-touch with friends, family and work colleagues.

With the OBi, you can combine multiple services so that users can stay connected easily, without worrying about receiving a shockingly large bill from a telco or needing to cut conversations short, and potentially missing hearing an important piece of information or collaborating more effectively.