Troubleshooting > Alternating RED/GREEN
Your OBi is in recovery mode.

The unit with red/green alternate flashing means that there was a power loss in the midst of firmware update of the OBi. And it is possible to recover the OBi operation.

1. Find out the IP address that OBi is currently using, by looking at your router's DHCP client table.
2. Make sure you are able to ping the IP.
3. Download the latest firmware for your device to your computer:
        - Firmware for OBi202 & OBi302: Click HERE
4. Once you have the OBi's IP address, open a browser and enter the IP address.
5. On the Firmware Update page, upgrade the OBi's firmware with what you have downloaded in Step 3. above.
6. Power cycle the OBi by disconnecting the power adapter and reconnecting it again.
7. After the device is recovered (power led solid GREEN), it is best to do factory reset by dialing ***8 and press 1 to confirm, then you'd need to do "ADD DEVICE" again on your account.