When You Sign in to OBiTALK You Can:

1. Assign a Display Name for Your OBi Devices & Soft Phones

This is the name which will appear on the phone display of the people you call who are also using OBiTALK. It is also the name that appears next to a unique OBi No. and speed dial (if assigned) in the OBiTALK dashboard.

2. Set-Up and Configure Commercial VoIP Services

Although the LINE port on the OBi110 can be used to bridge calls from OBiTALK endpoints located anywhere in the world to a phone service provided by your local telco or cable company, a great way to save even more money is possible when you have an OBi device configured with a low-cost commercial VoIP service like Google Voice™ or Callcentric. Regardless of whether you have the OBi100 or OBi110, setting up a VoIP service is a great way to connect OBi endpoints to regular phones and vice versa.
The OBi110 device has the ability to bridge calls across the analog LINE port to a VoIP service. The OBi100 and OBi110 each have the ability to bridge VoIP calls to another VoIP service, or from an OBiTALK connected endpoint (OBi device or soft phone) to the VoIP service to call a regular phone number. Great savings can be made, for example, by placing a free call from an OBi at your sister's house in Bali to an OBi at your brother's house in Los Angeles using OBiTALK and then making a New Call out to your parent's home or cell phones in New York using a low-cost VoIP service.

3. Set-up & Manage Your OBi Circle of Trust (CoT)

If you have an OBi device, the OBi CoT will allow your soft phone and other OBi endpoints (which you invite into your CoT) access privileges to use the services on your OBi device(s) to make New Calls. For example, if you have a VoIP service configured on your OBi, you can use your OBi soft phone to make a call from your Internet connected smart phone (e.g. iPhone with the OBiON app) over the Internet to the OBi device. A new call can be made using the commercial VoIP service. You are also able to request and manage invitations to others' Circle of Trusts, so you can make calls using services on their OBi devices.

4. Set-up & Manage Trusted Callers

A trusted caller is a phone number or name the OBi will inspect when it receives a call. If the incoming call matches a number/name in the Trusted Callers list, the OBi will answer it with its OBi Attendant. For example: You have an OBi device configured with a commercial VoIP service (or an OBi110 with an analog phone service connected to its LINE port), and you call the phone number associated with this service from your mobile phone whose number is in the Trusted Callers list. The call will be automatically answered by the OBi Attendant. At this point, you can press 1 to ring the phone connected to the OBi device or press 2 to make a New Call via the OBi's VoIP service or the service associated with the LINE port (LINE port is on the OBi110 only).

5. Set-Up Speed Dials

OBi speed dials are useful when completing calls via a phone attached to an OBi device, when making a New Call via the OBi Attendant or from the dial pad interface of the OBi soft phone clients OBiON and OBiAPP. For example, you could make a call from your sister's house in Bali to your brother's house in Los Angeles by just picking up the phone and pressing "3". Then, when the OBi attendant answers and you want to make a New Call to your parents in New York (using a cheap VoIP service), you press 2 (for the New Call) and "20" for your parent's home. So, at the end of the day, all you have to do is dial, 3 to connect to the OBi in LA, then 2 to make a New Call, then 20 to connect to your parent's place.

6. PIN Protect the OBi Attendant

Using a PIN to protect access to the OBi Attendant is optional. It can be used as an extra security measure to ensure that only people who know the OBi device's PIN will be able to place a New Call via an available service on the OBi device.

7. Download OBi Apps

Here you can access applications used to connect your Smart Phone (e.g. iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android) and your computer to OBiTALK and then other OBi endpoints to make free calls to OBi users or bridge calls to landline and mobile phones using an OBi device like the OBi100 or OBi110. - OBiON is available from the iTunes Apps Store and the Android Market to enable your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Adroid device to make and receive calls on the OBiTALK network.
OBiON for Android may be downloaded from the Android Market. If you have a scanner app on your Android device, you can use the below code to get to the OBiON app directly.

8. Access Support from Obihai

Obihai wants to do everything we can so you have a great experience using OBi devices, soft phones and the OBiTALK network. We have a Forum where oftentimes users can help themselves (and each other) answer questions. We also have documentation and links which are from and feed directly into customer service engineers at Obihai.

Whew! That's a lot of stuff you can do with your OBi endpoints and OBiTALK. We hope you enjoy using your OBi and save some money and time as well … and if you have any questions at all, please take a look at our support resources on-line or drop us a line, anytime at support@obihai.com.

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