Obihai's New OBi100 VoIP Phone Adapter Springs to #1 Best Seller

Obihai Technology's OBi100 phone adapter & voice service bridge packs hundreds of features into an ultra-compact form factor including support for Google Voice™ & SIP.

CUPERTINO — 15 April 2011— Since its introduction two weeks ago, the OBi100 VoIP Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) has already made a big impression by moving into the #1 position, passing other well-established VoIP phone adapters on

The OBi100 is a next generation ATA that can be used with Google Voice and any SIP standard based Internet phone service provider, like Callcentric. It can also be used with Obihai’s own OBiTALK network for free calling between Obihai’s OBi100 & OBi110 devices as well as the OBiON app running on Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

"We are very happy to see this enthusiastic welcome from consumers and small businesses using Obihai products,” said Jan Fandrianto, President & CEO of Obihai Technology. “Clearly, the market is ready for something new that will bring savings, useful functionality and convenience for the customer which is very easy-to-use,” Fandrianto said.

At $43.99, the OBi100 is easily the world’s smallest & most advanced consumer VoIP device ever invented.  When used with the OBiTALK user portal & its OBi device and service configuration utilities, anyone can have the OBi100 up-and-running and making free calls in minutes.

Measuring the size of a deck of cards at 90 x 65 x 22 millimeters (3.5 x 2.6 x 0.9 inches), the OBi100 provides the capability to connect analog telephones to the Internet via its single phone port and a neighboring Ethernet port. The OBi100 VoIP software encompasses the hundreds of features found in all Obihai endpoint devices. This combination of its ultra-compact form factor and rich programmable feature-set makes the OBi100 an attractive choice for any VoIP end-user, telephony reseller or service provider

Key Features of the OBi100

  • Easy to Use
    • Based on reviews from Obihai customers, there has never before been a VoIP device that can be so easily set-up and used immediately, with absolutely no prior technical knowledge of VoIP or voice & data networking.
  • Google Voice™ Calling 
    • Make free calls from the OBi to the USA and Canada until 2012.* Receive calls to your Google Voice phone number and get new / unheard voice message notification on the phone attached to the OBi. Make and receive voice calls from Google Chat clients from anywhere in the world on the OBi's phone.
  • Internet Phone Service Freedom of Choice
    • As opposed to being locked to a single service provider, the OBi100 can be used with almost any Internet phone service.  For example, the top-rated VoIP service provider Callcentric has made available an on-line Obihai OBi100 configuration guide so that subscribers can easily set-up the OBi with their Callcentric user ID and password.
  • No PC Required - Environmentally Friendly (Green)
    • The OBi100 is a stand-alone appliance. Just plug in a phone, the Internet and power. Compared to other consumer VoIP products that require a computer or the use of a less efficient design, the OBi100’s low energy consumption allows the user to save even more.

OBi100 as Service Provider CPE

Obihai Technology’s implementation of the VoIP telephony standard Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is truly innovative.  The OBi100 supports sophisticated provisioning and firmware update technologies making it a perfect choice for Internet voice service providers the world over. Obihai products incorporate technologies like SIP, XML, HTTPS, TR-069/TR-104 and high-quality voice coding algorithms enabling delivery of CPE solutions to service providers and telephony resellers for mass deployment to millions of subscribers.  Comprised of Internet phone service providers and resellers, Obihai Technology’s partners with the OBi100, are able to provide a reliable cost-effective VoIP adapter that can be brought to market quickly, shipped inexpensively and with comprehensive interoperability on any broadband VoIP service provider network.

Pricing & Availability
The OBi100 MSRP is $59.99, but it is available now from, for $43.99 along with Amazon's free Super Saver Shipping. Click here to visit the Obihai Storefront.

Please contact to learn how to become a partner service provider or reseller.

A comprehensive OBi100 technical data sheet is available: Click Here.

* Google previously announced that calls to the USA and Canada will be free through 2011.
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