How Does OBi Work?

Social Networking Is About Communication
The OBi provides you with an abundance of control and enhanced convenience by combining a broadband Internet connection with VoIP . . . and if required, a land line connection to your local telephone company, your mobile telephone service provider or your broadband VoIP service. The OBi can use the web and social networking tools to bring everything and everybody together to speak freely . . . and even for free!

When it makes sense, OBi can use the Internet and OBiTALK connectivity between OBi users. In this case, a traditional phone service is never needed to make the connections. Talking becomes truly free.  With OBi you can put the “social” back into social networking.

Take Control and Save Money

OBi products create an environment where the user has more control with greater convenience as to how, when and with whom they communicate.  Ultimately, an OBi user has a greater advantage amidst the oftentimes overwhelming and confusing world of massive telecommunications companies and the maze of policies and processes which come with the service.

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