OBi Features & Set-Up

Key Features of the OBi

Use your OBi make and receive calls from other OBi endpoints. You can also use its standardized
interfaces for analog telephone and VoIP services to expose a host of convenience enabling and
money saving configurations.

  • Owning the OBi is like having your own phone company.
  • You control the way the OBi connects calls. For example, OBi lets you use your home telephone service to make local, long distance or international calls from the road using your mobile phone or laptop computer.
  • You can direct calls to go in the most cost-effective direction by using OBi endpoints to bridge services. You can ultimately route calls in ways that your mobile or land line service provider cannot or would not do!
  • OBi products are easy to use. They use familiar interfaces - like a telephone keypad or web browser, which helps mask the complexity — and the magic — happening under the covers.

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The OBi is Simple to Install
  • Connect an analog phone to the OBi PHONE port. Use the cable currently connected to phone.
  • Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the OBi INTERNET port and the other end to an
  • Ethernet port on your Internet router or Ethernet switch.
  • Connect the 12-Volt power adapter to the OBi power jack and a power outlet.
  • Using the supplied RJ-11 telephone line cable, connect the OBi LINE port to an
  • active analog telephone (POTS) line jack. (Optional - LINE Port on OBi110 Only)

Once installed, sign in to Obihai's OBiTALK web portal to optimize the set-up.

Using the OBi to Call Other OBi Endpoints for Free Using the OBiTALK Network:
The OBi comes out of the box ready to make FREE calls to other OBi endpoints using the OBiTALK network. On the bottom of your unit, you will see a 9-digit OBi Number. This is your OBi Number. Give this number to your friends, family and colleagues so they can call you from their OBi device or using an OBi software application for PCs and mobile phones. To use the OBiTALK network, all you have to do is install your OBi, pick up the phone and then call your friends by dialing 9 and their nine-digit OBi Number.

Using the OBi to Bridge Other Services
After you have your services set up via the Obihai web portal, you can use the OBi to bridge services like calling from your mobile phone to the OBi and then connecting to your destination via a low cost service, or the Free OBiTALK network.

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