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July 2017

New Feature in the OBiTALK DMP Portal: Map

The OBiTALK Device Management Platform (DMP) portal has a new feature called Map.
With the OBiTALK Map feature, you can access a geographic visualization of your OBi device deployment.
Today, the visualization includes devices online at the time of analysis. You can click on a marked location to select it. A sampling of devices matching the current selection is provided in the panel below the map. Location data is derived from the IP address, and may be inaccurate.

New Feature in the OBiTALK DMP Portal: Snapshot


Frequent users are no strangers to using the OBiTALK DMP to remotely access and manage their OBi device deployment.  With Snapshot, administrators have access to a daily, interactive, graphical summary with useful information.  Today, you can sort by model, OBiTALK status, SIP service status / error messages, Base Profiles and firmware versions.  Selections can be ‘refreshed’ to check if the current selection status or attribute has changed since the previous reported status. Soon, we will add country and Internet service provider attributes.
You can filter for a specific attribute across all devices or a target selection. For example, you can view how many OBi1000 Series IP Phones run on firmware version 5.1.5. Other selections could include the SP1 registration status and SIP registration errors, for example.
Snapshot graphs are interactive and cross-linked - meaning an applied selection on one graph will also apply to another graph's presentation. This is useful in cases where you want to investigate the correlation between two attributes. E.g. How firmware versions on a specific model affect SIP registration on the SP1 interface.
Selection Sample is a panel at the bottom of the page, where Snapshot will present the list of MAC addresses for selection.  Clicking an individual MAC address will open the target device’s OBiTALK DMP portal management page.
Want to see the selection's attribute information at its current, real-time state? Snapshot features a live refresh option for up to 200 devices. Simply click the box, "What is their current state?" and a new page will open displaying a refreshed view of the selection.

New OBi5vs Series Firmware: Version 4.0.4


With the 4.0.4 firmware release, the OBi5vs Series can support a dual WAN port configuration. With the primary WAN connection in the Ethernet 1 port, a second WAN connection can be used for failover. The secondary WAN interface can be connected to Ethernet port 2, 3, or 4.
When the primary WAN interface cannot reach the Internet, the OBi5vs device will promptly identify this service outage, check the secondary WAN service's availability and logically switch to use the secondary WAN port for Internet access. Automatically, when Internet service returns to the primary WAN interface, the OBi5vs device will switch back.
For more details, see the OBi5vs Series version 4.0.4 release notes available in the OBiTALK DMP portal.

New View: Manage Devices

The Manage Device view now displays more information relevant to your deployment. Along with information available in the last iteration, the new view features:
  • Color-coded Online/Offline status
    • Green = Online
    • Red = Offline and Zero-Touch Customized
    • Orange =  Offline and Not Zero-Touch Customized
  • SP1 registration status
  • Time of device's last update to OBiTALK
  • ZT customization date display when you hover your cursor onto the ZT column
Sign-in to the OBiTALK DMP portal to experience the new view.
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