The OBi callback feature allows you to submit a number to an OBi device, which the OBi will then call and connect the answering party to the OBi Attendant. Once connected to the OBi Attendant, the user can either select option 1 to ring the phone attached tot he OBi or select option 2 to make a new call. Using your own number for the callback allows you to make new calls via the OBi at receiving rates. Using another person's number for the callback number allows other people to make calls with your OBi, without you having to add their number to your OBiTALK account's Trusted Callers listing.

Here's How It Works:
1. Call the OBi device with any "trusted" phone.
To add a phone number to your Trusted Caller list, go to "Trusted Callers" from within the OBiTALK web portal.
2. When the OBi Attendant answers, enter option"3" on your phone, followed by the callback number and the "#" sign.
3. As soon as you disconnect, the OBi will call back the number you just entered. When the phone is picked up, the OBi Attendant will answer and greet you. New calls can be made by entering "2" on the phone, followed by a number and the "#" sign.

1. If you want to make a call to the US from Europe, you can first call your OBi then use the callback feature with your European phone number. The OBi will call you back using a low-cost service. From there, you can then call any US number at the receiving rate for calls to your European phone.
2. If your friend needs to make an international call and does not have an OBi of their own, you can use the callback feature to give them one-time access to your OBi and it's low-coat calling service. Enter your friend's number for the callback number and your friend will be able to use the OBi Attendant's call back service to make an international call at the cheaper rates you have with your OBi device's service provider.