About Obihai Technology

Company Background & Leadership

Obihai is a Silicon Valley-based, California corporation rooted in the following technologies: Voice over IP, consumer and business-grade electronics and communication systems, semiconductor and integrated circuit design, audio and video DSP algorithm design, high-yield + low-cost manufacturing, global telecommunications compliance and mass-scale network deployment.

Obihai was founded by people with successful track records in consumer and business-grade voice and video communication solutions. Products and services comprising these solutions have touched many millions of people in homes and businesses all over the world. Obihai's leadership and workforce possess a wealth of experience from past duty at market leading voice and data technology, product, networking and solution purveyors.

Obihai Technology markets its solutions to the following customer segments:
Cloud & Internet Telephony Service Providers
Leveraging Voice over IP (VoIP) enabled service-ready devices, a service provider can aggressively market voice-based services to residential and business subscribers realizing rapid growth while maintaining a viable profit margin. Service providers building VoIP-enabled cloud-based services with complementary CPE can leverage the flexibility of IP networks to deliver a host of innovative applications and value-added services. Service providers require zero-touch, customization and provisioning of new services such that a truck-roll to the customer premise to install and provision CPE or having to ask the customer to rewire their home or business is not required. Zero-touch customization and provisioning also opens up an array of new business models and routes-to-market.
Consumer & Business End-Users
By the millions, end-users are flocking to Internet-based services not only to gain access to and enrich the types of information and entertainment they consume, but also to communicate in real-time with friends, family and colleagues. VoIP is, by default, the technology and the common-ground upon which residential and business end-users connect to each other with phones, mobile devices and computers. Products that are low-cost, easy-to-use and fit into familiar communication paradigms will be adopted quickly and in high-volume. The ability to layer additional services and offer new products presents a multitude of opportunities to expand this market.